Onsen Hire

Players may hire employees per month throughout the game. In order to provide the best services to the customers, it's encouraged to hire ones that are highly-proficient and staying true to their specialties. Don't forget to also fill-up every position as it can prove important to satisfy both your customers and employees.

Every employee has different initial attributes, growth, and initial proficiency, which insinuate what kind of job are they most suitable with. Knowing and determining who-does-what is the first good step in order to be able to make use of own assets. Available jobs are as follows:

  • Landlady (locked)
  • Assistants
  • Host/Hostess
  • Receptionists
  • Cleaners
  • Security Guards

Attributes Edit

Attributes for every employee are as follows:

Skill Translation
勘定 Accounting
接客 Service
給仕 Waiter/Waitress
清掃 Cleaning
防犯 Security
戦闘 Combat

Proficiencies Edit

Available proficiencies for every employee are as follows:

Skill Translation
女将 Management
補佐 Assistance
客室 Host
受付 Receptive
清掃 Clean
防犯 Security