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Below is the list of characters in Yukioniya Onsenki. Characters are divided into two categories.

Yukioniya Staffs Edit

Yukioniya is an inn that the protagonist, Sakichi, owns. Here is the place where most events take place.

Nekonomiya Akikaze Edit

Akikaze mini
Nekonomiya Akikaze Landlady
猫ノ宮 秋風
     CV: Kaibara Elena

The Landlady of Yukioniya. In his pursuit to be a respectable master of the Inn, Sakichi has Akikaze teach him everything about management. Known to be very strict and disciplined, some employees appear to be scared of her.

Yukioniya Waitress Edit

Waitress mini
Yukioniya Waitress Waitress
雪鬼屋 仲居
     CV: Oonami Konami, Matsunaga Yuki, Aoyama Yukari,
Udaka Naru, and Serizono Miya

Employees working in Yukioniya, being the heart of every operation from within. They always work their best to keep the place well-maintained.

Akaneougi Yumine Edit

Yumine mini
Akaneougi Yumine Receptionist, Security Guard
茜扇 弓音
     CV: Oukawa Mio

Yumine is the daughter of Kashino's Village Chief. She's known Sakichi ever since they were little. Due to her martial arts background, she is adapt at tasks that require physical aptitude. However, she is clumsy at almost everything else.

Kuroyari Nanami Edit

Nanami mini
Kuroyari Nanami Receptionist, Cleaner
黒槍 七美
     CV: Hoshizaki Iria

Yumine's rival. Like Yumine, Nanami is also Sakichi's childhood friend. Her parents are influential people within the village. She had to live abroad due to her father's order. Upon returning home, she decides to stay at Yukioniya for long-term.

Hikawa Ann Edit

An mini
Hikawa Ann Assistant, Cleaner, Waitress
緋川 杏
     CV: Momoya Minami

Ann is Sakichi's junior. Honest and hardworking, she aspires to work in Yukioniya together with Sakichi.

Shirono Mikazuki Edit

Mikadzuki mini
Shirono Mikazuki Security Guard, Cleaner
白野 三日月
     CV: Aoi Hikaru

Mikazuki is a beastkin who lives in the mountains near Yukioniya. Afraid that the growth of Yukioniya might disturb her tribe's quiet life, she is very skeptical and hostile toward anybody associated with the Inn.

Ruriko Edit

Ruriko mini
Ruriko Chef
     CV: Chatani Yasura

Ruriko is a food-loving girl. Ever since tasting the cuisines of Yukioniya, she begins to learn how-to in order to become a bona fide chef under the tutorship by the Head Chef.

Head Chef Edit

HChef mini
Head Chef Head Chef
     CV: Shimada Tomoki

A skillful chef famous for the quality of his cuisines. Pretty much clumsy at everything else but cooking however.

Others Edit

Kuman Edit

Kuman mini
Kuman Mascot
     CV: Arisugawa Miyabi

Mascot of Kashino Village. The main actor in the Village's revitalization project.

Village Chief Edit

VChief mini
Village Chief Village Chief
     CV: Yamamoto Panda

The Village Headman of Kashino Village. Due to its lack of attraction spots and unique charms, the village is currently under recession. With Yukioniya gaining reputation little by little, he looks forward to see the Village flourish together.