Your apprentice dreams to be a royal wizard in order to avenge her father and retake her rightful place as the heir of Rococo family. Unfortunately, she lacks any sort of talent in magics and is not quite familiar with the subject. But for what she lacks, she compensates it with her willpower and relentless effort; often times, that is more than enough to reach what you seek for.

Basic Gameplay Edit

Wizard's Climber is a simulation game where you teach Celestine into a wizard capable to win the grandest tournament held in the 3rd year of playthrough. Throughout the years of training, you may choose of what to do and what to improve.

General Tips Edit

Below is a list of general tips. Please keep in mind that these points don't always have to dictate your approach on the game. Being able to read situations and adapt is highly encouraged.

  • Save each turn. Certain cases are as follows:
    • Failed training -> Reload
    • Failed dungeon exploration -> Reload, etc
  • The game requires you to repeat several times till Celestine is strong enough to keep up with the best of the competitors.

    • With that said, don't get discouraged if your Celestine hardly could compete with anybody in the first runs. It is meant to be that way.

  • It is encouraged to prioritize at one thing, be it either physical or magical, in the first runs. Having an upper hand against opponents is better than having none at all.

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