By raiding cities, you are able to get resources necessary to fortify the Nest's defensive system. However, do it with precaution as raiding cities, whether it ended in failure or complete victory, will provoke your opponents to send notably stronger soldiers to invade your precious nest.

Before executing the raid, you have to select the dragons that you wish to send. Every type of dragon is accompanied with number that signifies the respective dragon's attack strength. The overview is as follows:

  • Using several dragons of the same type will multiply the total attack strength by 1.5

  • Selected dragons will continue to attack as far as the total attack strength

  • Different structures sport different endurance, which determines how many points is required to breach.

List of Structures Edit

As mentioned before, different structures have different endurance. The stronger a building is, the more it will reduce your total attack strength.

Name English Effect Comment
Forest +5
草原 Grassland +11 Displayed as a grassland with scarecrow
House -5 Generic one-story house
家2 House(2) -14 Two-story house
小屋 Cabin -11 It looks the same as the one-story house, but with much darker-colored roof
屋敷 Mansion -8
城壁 Walls -59 The toughest structure there is
王城 Royal Castle -19
Fort -49 Square-shaped structure that only appears in fort map

List of Raid Targets Edit

Name English Required Point
Town 75-100
大きな街 Large Town 250-275
Castle(1) 465 / 475
Castle(2) 525
Castle (3) 550
Fort 430