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Basic Gameplay Edit

General Tips Edit

Below is a list of general tips. Please keep in mind that these points don't always have to dictate your approach on the game. Being able to read situations and adapt is highly encouraged.

  • Save in every turn, especially before using cannon. While the number of invading enemies is determined by how high of a damage you inflicted, their movement routes are random. With luck, the enemies could possibly move around aimlessly and trigger traps all over or just give enough time for your injured units to heal themselves.

  • Proper usage of Oura's skill, which knocks all enemies back to the entrance, could determine the outcome of a battle.

  • Exploit Tina's skill against low-level mobs to maximise the mana gain from her H-scenes.

  • Deliberately losing the game after collecting the study pads (学習帳) from fast demolition of the early strongholds and repeating the process makes life easier later on when trying to accelerate unit levelling.

  • Unlike Suzukuri Dragon, most traps will break and become ineffective after being triggered a set number of times. Having enough units and reinforcements to keep rooms occupied is the best way to eliminate invaders.

  • Mira's skill is very useful for a damage boost to units. Note that the boost only lasts for 10 phases.

  • Ekuri's skill is the only one which deals direct damage and damage is dependent on how strong she is.

  • Retiring units at level 30 and above is very useful for granting new skills to existing units which they otherwise couldn't learn.

  • Get more female monsters as hireable units (maximum of 3 plus the unique) by repeatedly attacking the appropriate stronghold and activating their H-scenes to recharge the cannon. After a set number of monsters have been captured, one monster should be available for hire (level 1, cost 5000) for a limited time.

  • Mix and match the skills available. All units will eventually have one more skill than slots available, more if the retirement mechanic is exploited.