Archery units are proficient in non-magic ranged skills. Relatively weak defensively, but they excel in speed, which allow them to move and attack earlier than some others within a turn. With all things considered, it's recommended to put archery units in the back line, where they can move around freely and attack without having to face the opponents up close.

Stats Edit

Physical defense and magic defense are listed as P. Def, and M. Def, respectively.

Archer (弓兵)
Rank HP Move Speed Morale P. Def M. Def Cost
F 2000 2 30 60 10 0 15
E 2100 2 34 62 10 0 20
D 2200 2 38 64 10 0 25
C 2400 3 42 66 11 0 30
B 2600 3 46 68 11 0 35
A 2800 3 50 70 11 1 40
S 3000 3 54 72 11 1 45
Cavalry Archer (弓騎兵)
Rank HP Move Speed Morale P. Def M. Def Cost
Rank HP Mov Spd Mor PDef MDef Cost
F 2000 3 42 60 5 0 40
E 2100 3 46 62 5 0 45
D 2200 3 50 64 5 0 50
C 2400 4 54 66 6 0 55
B 2600 4 58 68 6 0 60
A 2800 4 62 70 6 1 65
S 3000 4 66 72 6 1 70

Skills Edit

Primarily known as specialists in ranged skills, it's still possible for archery units to learn melee skills at low level, with Slash being one of Cavalry Archer's initial skills for an example. Archer and Cavalry Archer are listed as "Archer" and "Cav A.", respectively. Note that initial skills are marked with bold.

Active skills
Skill Archer Cav A.
Brawl F F
Slash - F
Charging Thrust - B
Arrows F F
Arrow Storm A A
Charging Strike - C
Formation C C
Scold D D
Motivate S S
Passive skills
Skill Archer Cav A.
Godly Sword Stance S S
Godly Wall Stance S S
Godly Speed Stance S S
Shoot-back Stance C A
Sword Potential - S
Bow Potential A S
Charisma with Soldiers B B
Charisma with Warriors A A
Charisma with Heroes S S
Hero's Trick A A
Tactician's Trick A A
Iron Will S S
Formation of the Knowledged B B
Formation of the Wise A A
Formation of the Dead S S
Formation of the Turtle Shell B B
Formation of the Rock Wall A A
Formation of the Iron Mountain S S
Formation of the White Tiger A A
Formation of the Vermilion Bird A A
Formation of the Azure Dragon A A
Formation of the Black Tortoise A A
Formation of the Phoenix S S
Formation of the Wind S S
Conserver A A
Conqueror A A
Manager B B
Learner C C
Researcher B B
Tactician A A
Archery General S -
Cavalry General - S
King of Forests S S
King of Plains S S
King of Villages S S
King of Towns S S
King of Strongholds S S
People of the Desert A A
Cut S S

Unit Types

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