Characters are divided between two factions:

Anti-Visto Alliance Edit

Anti-Visto Alliance is a faction formed by commanders from several kingdoms like Eliott (Elt Kingdom), Hitoha (Nanomiya Empire), and Rutimone (Noir Kingdom). Their purpose is to halt Visto's invasion and end the war.

Jin Edit

Jin mini

Infamous for his interest in bedding beautiful women, Jin was also a genius military commander of the Kagura Fiefdom. He managed to halt Visto's invasion by disrupting their back lines. However, Kagura eventually fell due to treachery. Since then, he's been in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike back at Visto.

Jin Arbalest (ジン・アーバレスト)
             CV: -

Yae Edit

Yae mini

Yae was Jin's second in command in the Kagura army, as well as maid. She's excellent in martial arts and espionage, but terrible at any type of household chores despite being a maid. She unconditionally loves Jin.

Natsuyama Yae (奈津山八重)
             CV: Morinaga Kana

Eliott Edit

Eliott mini

Eliott is the supreme commander of Elt Kingdom's army, following the demise of her father, General Albarl. She was chosen due to her excellent skills, as well as the fame, reputation, and honor built up by her father. However, she has little actual combat experience. To save her nation, she is willing to hire Jin in exchange for her body.

Eliott Ulzar (アルイエット・ウルザー)
             CV: Udaka Naru

Musto Edit

Musto mini

Musto is the wise prime minister of Elt Kingdom. She's been taking care of Elt's foreign affairs for the last 200 years. It is unknown if she uses magic to keep her body from aging, or if "Musto" is a hereditary name passed down for generations.

Musto (ムスト)
             CV: Aoyama Yukari

Erunea Edit

Erunea mini

Erunea is the queen of Elt Kingdom. She's been leading the country since her husband, the late king, died in the war. Despite being fairly ignorant of politics and war, she is very popular with her subjects and citizens.

Erunea (エルネア)
             CV: Amami Rumi

Hitoha Edit

Hitoha mini

Hitoha is the third princess of Nanomiya Empire, who is known to be proficient in martial arts. Having to endure both the disputes within her family and internal struggles, she continues to fight for the Empire's sake.

Hitoha (一葉)
             CV: Kusayanagi Junko

Rutimone Edit

Rutimone mini

Rutimone is the princess of Noir Kingdom. Like her kingdom's reputation, Rutimone is capable at using magic. However, she hardly utilizes it because she despises fighting.
The wings on her back is a magical item.

Rutimone (ルティモネ)
             CV: Kanzaki Chihiro

The Kingdom of Visto Edit

Known as one of powerhouses within the continent, Visto began to expand its territories several years prior to the game. Their invasion was met with oppositions from resisting countries, though none succeed in stopping Visto entirely.

Kadeer Edit

Kadeer mini

Kadeer is the King of Visto. He aims to expand his kingdom's territories by force, making him the catalyst of conflicts within the land.

Kadeer (カーディル)
             CV: Ebi Oshijou

Lydia Edit

Lydia mini

Lydia is both princess of Visto and the commander of Northern Army. She has developed interest in both humanities and martial arts, and was made a commander because of her ability instead of her status as a princess. Instead of the harsh policies her father takes, she endorses a more peaceful approach.

Lydia Ariza Vistrand (リディア・アライゼル・ヴィストランド)
             CV: Matsunaga Yuki

Ney Edit

Ney mini

Ney is one of Visto Army's generals, commanding the storm-trooper forces. As a girl of the beastman tribe, she loves fighting and is very loyal to her superior, Lydia.

Ney (ネイ)
             CV: Shibuya Hime

Ronzen Edit

Ronzen mini

Ronzen is one of Visto Army's generals, commanding the Southern Army. Has a tendency to think too much, which often leads to mission failures.

Ronzen (ロンゼン)
             CV: Harada Tomotaka

Kazan Edit

Kazan mini

Once a general of Kagura Fiefdom. Kazan is now one of Visto Army's generals, primarily handling guerrilla warfare. Known for his laidback personality and proficiency in fortification.

Kazan (火山)
             CV: Asada Takashi

Kennethcuphea Edit

Kenneth mini

Kenneth is one of Visto Army's generals, commanding the wyvern forces. She's an elf from a gentle forest tribe who ended up in the world of humans. Due to her personality, she gets taken advantage often, which results in many failures.

Kennethcuphea (ケーニスクフェア)
             CV: Oonami Konami

Serubian Edit

Serubian mini

Serubian was initially the leader of Visto's Eastern Army. Later on, he sets off with Lydia and Kazan to suppress Elt Kingdom in the south. He acts like a faithful knight to Lydia, who also happens to be the princess of Visto.

Serubian (セルバイアン)
             CV: Moiman Takuya

In-game Portraits

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