Below is a list of characters in Mon wo Mamoru Oshigoto.

Main Character Edit

Heat Eggnog Edit

Heat mini
Name ヒート・エッグノック
Translation Heat Eggnog
CV -
Heat was born in a mercenary family. Due to his extraordinary talent in management, gathering information, and negotiating, he was appointed to be the band leader following the previous leader's death. In this age of seemingly-endless war and turmoil within the continent, Heat continues to fight in his own way.

Allies Edit

In his endeavors, Heat is not alone. There are some people willing to lend their hands for the cause, ranging from fellow mercenaries to civilians.

Mabel Hiltwon Edit

Mabel mini
Name メイベル・ヒルトワン
Translation Mabel Hiltwon
CV Aoyama Yukari
Mabel is the mercenaries' vice leader. She was born to a noble family. When she was little, her family got involved in the war that led to their downfall. To avenge her family and stop the war are her motivations. In contrast to Heat, Mabel is an expert at fighting, but not so good at things that require deep thinking.

Lua Edit

Lua mini
Name ルア
Translation Lua
CV Shinohara Yumi
Lua is the treasurer of the mercenaries band. While not very proficient in fighting or anything physical-related, let alone leading troops, she is pretty good at her job.

Dee Edit

Dee mini
Name ディー
Translation Dee
CV Kaibara Elena
In charge of enforcing rules and disciplines within the mercenaries. Dee is pretty calm and collected. She is capable of acting as a leader-figure when the situations demand it.

Elena Edit

Elena mini
Name エレナ
Translation Elena
CV Moka Choko
Elena is the captain of City Militia. Born as an ordinary citizen, she decided to leave her normal life and take arms in order to protect the city. It is said that she is quite lax when handling her troops.

Leaf Edit

Leaf mini
Name リーフ
Translation Leaf
CV Udaka Naru
Leaf is in charge of guerrilla operations, making full use of her elven race's abilities to operate in forest areas. While she provides good advantages in battles, there are not many people who can keep up with her pace, thus making her ineffective in co-op missions. During break, she usually puts on a show to entertain fellow mercenaries with her skills.

Rommel Edit

Rommel mini
Name ロウメイ
Translation Rommel
CV Serizono Miya
Heat's assistant. Poster girl of magic and science, Rommel is a witch that believes in science and utilizes it as her means of contribution to the mercenaries. On the contrary to her childlike appearances, she is actually wise beyond her age.

Tsukuri Edit

Tsukuri mini
Name ツクリ
Translation Tsukuri
CV Chatani Yasura
A girl of beastkin tribe who is known to be quite a workaholic. Tsukuri mainly provides firearms to keep the mercenaries well-equipped all the time.

Wendy Edit

Wendy mini
Name ウェンディ
Translation Wendy
CV Aoi Hikaru
Wendy is a nun of the Church. In order to end the war, the church got Wendy to represent it and cooperate with the mercenaries. By using the vast network of church's followers, Wendy is proven to be a valuable ally in terms of intelligence gathering.

Enemies Edit

Hailey Magdalene Grafford Edit

Hailey mini
Name ハイエリー・マクダルン・グラッフォード
Translation Hailey Magdalene Grafford
CV Momoya Minami
The Princess of Grafford Kingdom. Despite being a royalty, Hailey is one of the kingdom's great generals - a proven soldier adapt in manning the battlefield. However, she is rather naive due to her high-profile status.

Grimmace Dan Grafford Edit

Grimmace mini
Name グリンマイス・ダン・グラッフォード
Translation Grimmace Dan Grafford
CV Shimada Tomoki
Grimmace is the commander of Grafford's soldiers, specifically handling the strategies deployed within the front-line. Despite his competency, he doesn't really have interest to get promotion or awards. To partake in war is the only thing he wants.

Mircass Edit

Mircass mini
Name ミルカッセ
Translation Mircass
CV Oonami Konami
A female commander of Grafford. She has commanding presence in combats, befitting of Grafford Kingdom's reputation as one of the powerhouses within the continent. Mircass is also the bodyguard of Hailey.