Mahiru Ni Odoru Hanzaisha


Version 1.11
Developer(s) Softhouse Chara
Publisher(s) Softhouse Chara
Release Date October 26, 2001
Genre(s) Crime Simulation
Mode Single Player
Age Rating(s) 18+
Platform(s) PC
Price ¥ 8800

¥ 9240 (tax included)


Gameplay Edit

Story Edit

When you need "anything" done, you can turn on our protagonist and his three companions. "Anything" goes from babysitting to investigation of extramarital affairs, even criminal acts such as kidnapping or robbery. Whatever it is, it will be done, as long as there's enough compensation.

Of course there's a downside to this business. Everywhere you look, danger lurks in every corner. While he didn't want to see it, the protagonist saw the dark side of the corporate giant. And thus begins our protagonist's fight against the bigger force...


  • [Protagonist]?
  • Aati Burukkurin (アーティ・ブルックリン) CV: 大波こなみ
  • Hinomaki (氷野麻紀(ひのまき)) CV: 紫苑みやび
  • Nakabashi Kanami (中橋佳奈美(なかばし・かなみ)) CV: 寧々
  • Kyouka (狂歌(きょうか)) CV: 季連崎みこと
  • Aoi Miyako (葵 宮子(あおい みやこ))
  • Rakugyoku (楽玉(らくぎょく)) CV: 春日アン
  • Okudaira Suzu (奥平 鈴(おくだいら すず))
  • Yamakasuga Kirihime (山春日 霧姫(やまかすが きりひめ))

Opening Video Edit

Mahiru ni Odoru Hanzaisha (真昼に踊る犯罪者) OP-001:51

Mahiru ni Odoru Hanzaisha (真昼に踊る犯罪者) OP-0

Title   In Your Side
Vocal   Oonami Konami
Lyric   Yanagi Osamu
Arranger   Vai
Composer   Vai

System Requirements Edit

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See Also Edit

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