Characters are divided by their relationship with the main character.

Main Character Edit

Minase Akira Edit

Minase Akira (伊奈瀬晶) CV: -
A normal salaryman during the day, a bounty hunter at night. Akira is very protective of his daughter, Himeko, and wishes only for her well-being. His aspiration is to turn a new leaf by opening a shop with his daughter.

Family Edit

Minase Himeko Edit

Minase Himeko (伊奈瀬姫子) CV: Hokuto Minami
Himeko is the cheerful lone-daughter of Akira. Oblivious to her father's second life as a bounty hunter at night, which also inevitably makes many enemies, she is being secretly protected by the Reaper, Rintelle.

Colleagues Edit

Akimura Miyuki Edit

Akimura Miyuki (秋村美雪) CV: Mishima Yuki
Miyuki works in the same company as Akira, in which she also happens to be the section chief of its public relation department. Her relationship with Akira began when she met Himeko on the road by chance.

Hakizaki Rei Edit

Hakizaki Rei (葉木崎零) CV: Matsunaga Yuki
Rei is Akira's personal informant, mainly in regard to certain events and bounties. Clumsy at everything but information gathering. Upon sitting in front of a PC, her personality and expression change.

Rintelle Edit

Rintelle (リンテール) CV: Oonami Konami
A shinigami who is assigned to Akira. Rintelle is capable to disappear as she wishes and communicate with Akira by using telepathy. By using her abilities, she faithfully fulfills her role as Himeko's guardian while Akira is away.

Rivals Edit

Hakizaki Yui Edit

Queen Bee
Hakizaki Yui (葉木崎唯) CV: Udaka Naru
Yui is Rei's little sister. Her rather naive personality, inexperience, and subtle sense of justice are the hurdles in her dream to become a great bounty hunter. In Akira, she finds a teacher-figure whom she can follow and trust.

Artie Brooklyn Edit

Killer Doll
Artie Brooklyn (アーティ・ブルックリン) CV: Oonami Konami

Tada Shinichirou Edit

Mad Dog
Tada Shinichirou (多田真一郎) CV: Majima Ryou
An excellent, albeit a little too aggressive bounty hunter comparable to Akira and Masaya. Once a police, Shinichirou became a bounty hunter in order to hunt and punish criminals by his own hands. Due to his temper, he is often in trouble with authorities.

Matsushima Masaya Edit

Fighter Dog
Matsushima Masaya (松島将也) CV: Ichijou Hikaru
Partner of the Mad Dog, Shinichirou, often acting as the voice of reason in certain situations. On the contrary to his neat looks and polite manner, Masaya's past was tightly associated with yakuza.

Sakura Edit

Sakura (サクラ) CV: Aoyama Yukari
Sakura, is a name given to her by Akira, who picked her up as an orphan and raised her to be an assassin. She was angered at Akira's decision to leave the world of bounty hunters, which led her to resent him ever since.

Professor Edit

Unknown (-) CV: Minobe Satoru
His real name is unknown. While the authenticity is questionable, it's said that he possesses dual personalities, with one personality called, "Ein", and the other, "Zwei". The Professor is an assassin whose objective is to eliminate Akira.