Gyungyuska Company is a company that Rakia belongs to. They aim to aid the Maou, Darks, in his quest to conquer the Heaven's Fortress, a place where Angels reside.

Their operations will begin right after the invasion on Angel's Island. There are two forms of assistance they are able to provide:

  • Build Green Door/Exit Portal - as the name suggests, Gyungyuska will make a door that can teleport you back home. Keep in mind that the portals can only be built on specific places.

  • Special Gyungyuska - highly useful options that can help you to traverse through dungeons more efficiently at the cost of SGP (Special Gyungyuska Points?)

Exit portalsEdit


  • Entrance floor
  • Underground 9th floor
  • Underground 5th floor


  • Entrance floor


  • 1st floor

Special GyungyuskaEdit

Upon entering dungeon, you are given SGP equals to Darks' Command Point. It is highly encouraged to conserve and only use it when necessary as dungeon explorations require high endurance, not to count dungeon bosses or sub-bosses that are able to easily demolish unprepared party within a few turns. Any options that allow you to stay in a dungeon for as long as possible can determine your success.

One obvious example of using SGP is when about to face sub/bosses of a dungeon. More often than not, there are no healing circles nearby and your party is not in best-of-health. If you haven't used any of your SGP, you may want to consider getting option that heal or ones that grant additional attribute to your whole party only to deal with that sub/boss alone. Losing battle means game over and escaping will force you to retake the long and grueling trip to reach that point. If you aim to be efficient, conserving your SGP should be taken as the first priority as it can turn the table in most situations possible.

Ability Cost (SGP) Effect
Total recovery Total squad CP cost Recovers the whole party's, including the reserves', HP and Energy
Recall Total squad CP cost Teleports to Dungeon exit portal
Recovery Half of total squad CP cost Recovers the whole party's, including the reserves', HP
Enemy avoidance 3 No enemy random encounters for 50 steps
Trap avoidance 3 Traps won't work for 50 steps (does not work on Trapdoor)
ATK UP 2 Increases Attack by 10 for 1 battle
DEF UP 2 Increases Defense by 10 for 1 battle
EVA UP 2 Increases Evasion by 10 for 1 battle
SPD UP 2 Increases Speed by 10 for 1 battle
Resurrect Resurrected unit's CP cost Returns dead unit back to squad

Below are notes in regard to Special Gyungyuska:

  • Enemy and Trap avoidance can be cast several times, each cast will increase their duration by 50 steps.

  • Atk, Def, Eva, Spd UP can be cast several times, each cast will increase their duration by 1 battle, but won't change amount that stats are raised.

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