Below is a list of items in Bunny Black.

List of Items Edit

P.Price and S.Price are Purchase Price and Sales Price, respectively.

Name Type P. Price S. Price Effect Uses Comment Location
Plain Water Recovery 10 HP+10 1
Bad Water Recovery 10 HP+5 1
Empty Bottle Treasure 10
Clean Water Recovery 20 HP+50 1
Delicious Water Recovery 60 HP+100 1
Healing Water Recovery 300 HP+200 1
Liquor Recovery 20 HP+50 1
Clean Bottle Treasure 20 1
Delicious Sake Recovery 60 HP+150 1
Rare Wine Recovery 300 HP+300
Crafted Bottle Treasure 60
Hawk Feather Held Item 250 See further away
Gloves Hand Equipment 50 End+2
Magic F. Helm Head Equipment 1500 End+5 Res+5
Rare Herb Recovery 150 1
Soldier Sword One-handed Weapon 500 Str+8
Sharp G. Sword Two-handed Weapon 1000 Str+8 End+2
Famous Shoes Leg Equipment 100 End+6
Rage Mask Head Equipment 600 Str+10 End+2 Int+5
Good Leather Body Equipment 3000 End+8
Solid Axe Two-handed Weapon 1200 Str+15
Life Talisman Accessory Equipment 500 End+1 Res+1
Bomb Offensive Item 750 Deals moderate damage to all enemies on the field
Busted Dagger One-handed Weapon 150 Str+1
Fancy Shoes Leg Equipment 20 End+3
Cursed Sandals Leg Equipment 50 End+8
Robust Herb Recovery 1000 3
Pretty Flower Treasure 10
Cape 250 End+3
Ragged Leather Body Equipment 15 End+5
Shabby Axe Two-handed Weapon 35 Str+5
Axe Two-handed Weapon 400 Str+10
Ripped Cape Accessory Item 50 End+2
Black XXX Book 350 Collect 5 for a bonus scene
Scribbling Book Treasure 30
Rusty Shuriken Ranged Weapon 150 Str+10
Accurate Bow Ranged Weapon 1000 Str+5
Famous Plate Full Body Equipment 7000 End+27
Wine Barrel Recovery 500 HP+? for whole party 1
Pretty Gem Treasure 500
Rickety Bow Ranged Weapon 10 Str+1
Battered F.Helm Head Equipment 150 End+2
Greatsword Two-handed Weapon 500 Str+5 End+2
Red XXX Book 350 Collect 5 for a bonus scene
Fancy Clothes Body Equipment 750 End+3
Bell Treasure 300
Blue XXX Book 350 Collect 5 for a bonus scene