BBunny charas

Below is the list of characters from Bunny Black. Characters are categorized by their in-game role.

Main Character Edit

Darx Edit

The protagonist. He and his party manage to reach the Overlord Fozerotte, but was killed. Fozerotte resurrected him and turned him into a new minion.

Allies Edit

Shia Edit

A member of Darx's party that reached the Overlord. She has no other choice but to live with Darx.

Merrill Edit

One of Fozerotte's minions. Mentors Darx.

Ekate Edit

Half-succubus Overseer. Very powerful.

Forzerotte Edit

The Sexiest bitch ever

Goran Edit

A formal Overseer.

Tojo Edit

A friendly Overseer.


Gyungyuska Company's representative. Provides Darx with missions and equipment.

Maki Edit

Darx's neighbor. Befriends her quite early.

Liz Edit

Friend of Maki. Befriends Darx a little later.

Enemies Edit

Cass Edit

A female adventurer out to kill Darx.

John Edit

A adventurer who's also Darx's brother.

Dorothy Edit

A adventurer witch.

Tatsumaki Edit

A samurai.

Roger Marco Edit

A bookworm.

Ayaka Edit

A miko looking for someone strong enough to solve her problem.

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